About Us 💖

Hi, I'm Cathryn! Founder and designer of Wild Like Her and mama of three. Inspired by the need for confidence and joy in this crazy world I've designed beautiful and comfortable everyday wear to bring you happiness and positivity through soft fabrics and thoughtful words. Wild Like Her is all about positive clothing for women to help change your mood and keep you going through whatever life throws your way.

I started my business as a creative outlet back in 2018, as I wanted to find myself again after motherhood. Inspired by a mini breakdown over the kitchen sink, I realised sometimes we need more than just a cup of tea to help us pull ourselves together and carry on. The clothes we wear make us feel a certain way - the fabrics, the colours, the message. All of my designs have this in mind and are made to comfort you, to give you power and confidence. They are also perfect for that little pep talk when you feel like giving up, when you've really had enough! And boy, that happens a lot over here! 

Everything from Wild Like Her is made-to-order, and printed by me at my home office in the Cotswolds. I always choose ethically made materials and opt for organic whenever I can with recyclable / biodegradeable packaging too. I currently use beautiful flock vinyl for its tactility and vibrancy and will soon be introducing some beautiful embroidered designs. The dream, however, is to produce our own garments from start to finish. This will allow complete control and the freedom to expand the range and colours! 
Dreams do come true 💖

So come and join Wild Like Her on our journey and share the good vibes.