Wild Like Me, Wild Like You,
Wild Like Her

Hi, I’m Cathryn. Wild Like Her founder, designer and mama of three, still trying to get my head around this thing called adulthood and all that comes with it. And determined not to lose my identity amidst the craziness! For me, building a business was a big part of making sure the woman I’m proud to be didn’t simply disappear. As well as a caring mother, wife and friend, I’m a powerful, wild, fun, strong woman in my own right. I have my own dreams, loves and playful side - just like you do.  

With all the responsibilities of adulting, it’s easy to forget we’re unique, amazing women who deserve to have fun and express ourselves! Wild Like Her was created to be a brand that allows us beautiful women to be reminded that we are AWESOME - whatever we look like and wherever we’ve come from. We can still be wild. We can still be fierce. We can still be unique and amazing women, as well as incredible mums, partners, employees - or whatever other labels have found their way attached to us.  

All of my fun, colourful, bold designs are printed by me, for you, to express your inner wild and keep your identity alive. With the bonus of being ethically made, so you can celebrate yourself with a clean conscience.  

Wild Like Her is a Lifestyle Brand on a mission to help awesome women, like you, keep their playful identities alive.