Hi, I'm Cathryn! Founder and designer of Wild Like Her and mama of three. 

My brand creates positive clothing for women who want to feel encouraged, inspired and super excited for the postie to arrive!

I started my biz as a creative outlet back in 2018, as I wanted to find myself again after motherhood. Inspired by a mini breakdown over the kitchen sink, I realised sometimes we need more than just a cup of tea to help us pull ourselves together and carry on. So my first positivity hoodie was born. What started as a passion project has since become a happy little online community of women proudly doing their own thing with confidence!

Everything from Wild Like Her is made-to-order, and printed by me at my home studio (aka kitchen) in the Cotswolds. I always choose ethically made materials and opt for organic whenever I can with recyclable / biodegradeable packaging too. I use beautiful flock vinyl for its tactility and vibrancy. 

Over the next few months Wild Like Her will be moving into a real home studio - which is in the process of being built! I am working on exploring other mediums like embroidery and screen printing and expanding our positivity range to bring you new and innovative designs.

So come join the Wild Like Her community and share the good vibes. 


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